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You’re a terrorist. And you’re not.

US authorities have confirmed that Joseph Andrew Stack who crashed a plane in government office in Austin, TX is not a terrorist. Austin’s Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, stated,

“I consider this a criminal attack by a lone individual.”

They testified this after proclaiming that it was indeed a suicide attack. Indeed, an ‘interesting’ definition. A man hits a building, housing numerous offices with alive people, knowing it might kill them all and he’s not a terrorist. Some Muslim groups have protested that on the statement and said, that for US (and West in general) one has to be a Muslim to be a terrorist. ‘No, you can’t be a terrorist because you’re not Muslim. No!’, they could have said.

Stay with me on this. What if Joseph Andrew Stack was Muslim? It would have added to Pakistan’s woes because in a few minutes after the attack, they would have found a link to Al-Qaeda and Taliban. How? You would have been told that he lived in a street same as a Nepalese. This Nepalese belongs to a city from where a small number of Muslims are settled in UK, and of which, one is a cook. Two years back this cook was employed in a restaurant where an Arab Sheikh from Egypt used to come for dinner. That Sheikh has married his son in Yemen in a family whose one member runs a business in Iraq. The business is of trucks, and one driver is a native of Ramadi. Ramadi is Al-Qaeda’s headquarter where Afghan and Pakistani Taliban come for training. Hence, it is proved that that suicide pilot has links with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. And Pakistan should launch an operation in North Waziristan to capture these non-state actors. Duh!


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