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Of boots, horses and lands

If ever there was a doubt about President Asif Ali Zardari’s love for horses over his people, he established another stable in President house with horses supplied by Pak Army – raised on taxpayers’ money. This time, though, Army gave a hush call to political parties and popular media to neglect the incident. And like always, they did oblige.

In another incident, Pakistan Army conquered their own country’s land (again!) by illegally occupying 1000 acres of land in Lahore.  Earlier, Army was also found on the wrong side of the law for illegally using a Fortress Stadium for commercial purposes without Government’s knowledge and triumphantly cheating the Government of Rs. 120 billions in taxes over many years.

On the contrary, M.D.Nalapat has an interesting point to share in Pakistan Observer:

“Although the top rungs of the US military regularly appear before the US Senate and the House of Representatives,in India the armed forces have thus far not appeared before committees of Parliament. Dr Murli Manohar Joshi of the BJP,who is Chairman of the powerul Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, has broken this convention by asking the Chief of Army Staff to appear before the PAC to discuss about the functioning of the Canteen Stores Department of the army. There have been several complaints from troops about the supply of dry rations to them,and several have contacted their families,who have in turn got in touch with their MPs about the matter. To the credit of Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh,instead of refusing to appear before the Committee,he immediately agreed,and came before the PAC on January 12,together with the Chief of Air Staff ( Air Marshal P V Naik) and Vice-Chief of Naval Staff V K Deewan.”

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