Rug Pundits aims to be what others have earlier called a “filter blog”. The Authors share material on different topics that are currently in their scope of interest and which they would otherwise discuss sitting on a carpet, sipping ‘chai’ (milk tea). Being currently separated geographically we have taken these discussions to the web.

The word ‘Pundit’ comes from the Subcontinent (“a learned master”, often a Brahmin) and ‘Rug’ of course, although stemming from the Swedish language apparently is linked to the Persian and Central Asian region in its use.

The painting seen in the top-left corner is a Mughal painting ‘A Mughal Nobleman’ of 17th century in Indiana University Collection.

Yasir Hussain
About you/contact/other websites/work
Florian Stambula
About you/contact/other websites/work
Jakob Steiner
Jakob is currently a student of Violoncello and Environmental Engineering and currently lives in Switzerland. He also blogs at here-ware.blogspot.com and has earlier worked for Dawn (www.dawn.com). mail: jakob.steiner@proLoka.org

Jakob Steiner
Jakob has a degree in Violoncello and Environmental Engineering and currently lives in the Netherlands. He has lived, worked and studied in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Email: jff.steiner@gmail.com

Yasir Hussain Sheikh
Yasir lives in Lahore where he works on his rugs business and drinks kehwa in free time. In his free time, he consults and teaches Ecommerce and works on data analytics on Pakistan’s elections. 

Website: yasirhussain.co
Email: yasirhsheikh@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheRugDude

Florian Stambula
Florian has a degree in Chinese Language and Culture (Sinology) and is currently working for derstandard.at. He has lived and/or travelled several Asian countries and remains a close observer of the area.

Email: flo.stambula@gmail.com



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