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Dante vs Mohammad, Islamic banking and Afghanistan after US withdrawal

Three reads today: 1. A Pakistani student Mehdi Hasan* advises Muslims to behave and argues that if Mohammad can survive Dante, He can survive a small insignificant sort-of movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’. 2. Mike Seccombe discusses Islamic Banking and if it can bail Australia out of financial struggle. 3. Finally, Ejaz Haider comes back to … Continue reading

Social media’s impact on Pakistani politics and political twitterati

There has been a lot of talk in the media about PTI’s (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) social media footprint and their successful online campaigning when it comes to any political event of substance in Pakistan. To the effect that Facebook and Twitter have been primary source of information in Pakistan bypassing dozens news channels. This, to some … Continue reading

Saudi imperialism in the name of Islam

  This year Saudi Arabia’s government completed their version of Big Ben, Abraj Al Bait (Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower) in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. This second tallest building in the world (after Burj Khalifa), has only significance of this building is it is standing over Masjid al Haram or Kaaba. I am … Continue reading

Has PMLN already lost Lahore to PTI?

I’d been a Lahori since birth and only one the family who was born here; and that was a jibe often thrown at me while growing up with my siblings in Islamabad. But my romance with Lahore developed when I moved here some 8 years back. Politically speaking, I didn’t have much idea about what … Continue reading

Winning the hearts ‘the American’ way!

Although, it is an ‘old’ news but nonetheless baffling to know that US military taught its young officers that they will be fighting a ‘total war’ against 1.4 billion Muslims around the world. Now, this can not without proper curriculum approval system in place. I wonder what the hell they were thinking? If that’s not … Continue reading

Political toilets

How heavily Pakistan is politicized after 10 years of Afghan war and advent of free media can be gauged by the fact that doors of public toilets carry political slogans and not vulgar jokes now. From Hazara province demands to NATO murdabad. From Altaf Hussain kutta, MQM kafir to satire on Wahabism – all is … Continue reading

[Video] The Colbert Report/Norwegian Muslish Gunman’s Islam-esque Atrocity

http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:comedycentral.com:393042 The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive

Jemima Khan on Obama, Afghanistan, the WOT, Pakistan

Jemima Khan: The things you say sound great, Mr President. So why do you end up disappointing us?

Bastardization of Pakistan

Bastardization of Pakistan as it happens on Urbandictionary.com (and not Foreignpolicy.com magazine). Bastardization 2. The reduction of one’s status due to that person’s retarded act. Pakistan Single largest exporter of terrorists. Bastardization of Pakistani state and its people actually happened at the hands of these and these and these. The very people gifted with glorious … Continue reading

[Video] Pakistani Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown. -Fatima Bhutto


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