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Sells carpets and crunches numbers. Ecommerce and geospatial analytics.
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Padded bras unIslamic – Fox news special!

How smart you have to be to treat a satirical piece as a geniune story. If you are Fox Nation, intelligence is not required at all. The case in point is this satirical piece at Roznama Jawani that Fox Nation published. Pakistan is a bad bad country! No more pads for you!

Islamabad to Karachi

Islamabad: 1) Tight Dhoti presents a valid point against ugly skyline emerging in Islamabad; destroying the clear blue skies and green mountains that Isloo is known for. The ambitious Centaurus towers has little or no positive effect on the lives of more than a million’s city that has faced alarming deterioration over the last two decades. … Continue reading

Of boots, horses and lands

If ever there was a doubt about President Asif Ali Zardari’s love for horses over his people, he established another stable in President house with horses supplied by Pak Army – raised on taxpayers’ money. This time, though, Army gave a hush call to political parties and popular media to neglect the incident. And like … Continue reading

[Satire] ‘Tumhara dil nahi chahiye yar!’

I just saw this small interview of Imran Khan where he talks about recent incident in Lahore where a US diplomat(?) shot two people dead. Khan’s statement that ‘US has lost battle for our hearts’ reminds me of this funny scene from an Indian movie; a sultry heroin warns the villain who is about to … Continue reading

Creation of new provinces in Pakistan

While surfing through facebook, I found this interesting write-up by Ayub Khattak where he proposes to divide Pakistan into 18 administrative units or provinces. I am not aware of any other concrete proposal but this one looks an interesting starting point. Continue reading

A curious case of Pakistani agencies

During the ongoing missing persons case in Pakistan’s Supreme Court, the agencies have admitted that they abducted 11 missing persons from Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi. These are the same agencies that denied having any information, on disappearance of these 11 jailed persons, for 7 months. And there are hundreds of others who face the same fate. … Continue reading

The capture of Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi

Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of Jundallah militant group, was nabbed in Iran on 23rd Feb in a dramatic fashion. His post-arrest statement and a photo allegedly showing him at a US base in Afghanistan just 24 hours before his arrest has sparked an interest debate on US role with Jundallah under Obama’s administration. Although Pentagon … Continue reading

Imam Hatip school’s model of Islamic education

Imam Hatip is a secondary level school in Turkey which teaches Arabic and Quran, and a wide array of literature including Stefanie Meyer’s Eclipse! A far cry from a stereotype madrassah model, it opens a door of opportunity for moderate model of education. DAWN shows small gallery from the school here and school’s website can … Continue reading

[Satire] Change history, we don’t ride camels!

“People in the West think we live on some barren land and ride camels. We never traveled on camels. We had horses. Our history is not properly represented.” A young lady designer, apparently Feeha Noor Jamshed, has announced that we never traveled on camels.  This we included all her designer friends, and staff of family-owned … Continue reading

You’re a terrorist. And you’re not.

US authorities have confirmed that Joseph Andrew Stack who crashed a plane in government office in Austin, TX is not a terrorist. Austin’s Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, stated, “I consider this a criminal attack by a lone individual.” They testified this after proclaiming that it was indeed a suicide attack. Indeed, an ‘interesting’ definition. A … Continue reading


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