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exchange rate: $ to PKR

The US – Pakistan relationship dubbed as a double game – little understanding is there for the fact that the flaws of this bond should be looked for on both sides and how they deal with each other. Continue reading

bam-e-dunya’s ailing eaves

While the Western media likes to speculate (based on sexy ethnic-great-game-evil-china-theories) what’s really going on in the misty zone between the yellow, the brown and the white, some people actually look at situations with their senses and not just their twitter acounts active. Continue reading

Islamabad to Karachi

Islamabad: 1)¬†Tight Dhoti presents a valid point against ugly skyline emerging in Islamabad; destroying the clear blue skies and green mountains that Isloo is known for. The ambitious Centaurus towers has little or no positive effect on the lives of more than a million’s city that has faced alarming deterioration over the last two decades. … Continue reading

Mortenson II – opportunities

Endorsement is fine, projects need such support. But it would help the aid discussion, if some projects would be less viewed through the glasses of aid-from-outside-with-a-backlash-intention but with Ali’s warning in mind (do question moral certainty and superiority!) and from a local standpoint. Continue reading

Mortenson – remote narratives

For me this is most aptly portrayed by the extensive use of remote in the context of referring to anything virtually in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is just outside Kabul or Islamabad. Continue reading

dil aur deemagh – doubt and development

More often we should just be prepared to listen to people and try to understand their hearts and minds from what they have to say, and not discuss it among ourselves in countless seminars with people who have little insight themselves (and, yes, blogs as well) to shape our perception, craft it into stone and only then approach the subjects we talk about. I do wish that people in FATA do get a voice soon, and those in Kashmir manage to get something coherent like PamirTimes up at some point. But I also hope that we are prepared to listen to those views, and do not only acknowledge them once the NYT picks them up. Continue reading

Of boots, horses and lands

If ever there was a doubt about President Asif Ali Zardari’s love for horses over his people, he established another stable in President house with horses supplied by Pak Army – raised on taxpayers’ money. This time, though, Army gave a hush call to political parties and popular media to neglect the incident. And like … Continue reading

Creation of new provinces in Pakistan

While surfing through facebook, I found this interesting write-up by Ayub Khattak where he proposes to divide Pakistan into 18 administrative units or provinces. I am not aware of any other concrete proposal but this one looks an interesting starting point. Continue reading

Literary Post Colonialism Debates

Highly overreacting on both sides, Hartosh Singh and William Dalrymple lash out at each other (while assuring to mean it differently – so why exactly don’t you write in Punjabi?) over Goras in India writing about India getting more attention than Indians doing so. It is a valid debate in any case and the Jaipur … Continue reading

Coke Studio – Why it matters?

Karachikhatmal has a good reasoning up why Coke Studio does matter. It is an enrichment to the musical scene in Pakistan, whether you like the music they come up with or absolutely dispise it (like me).

But there are obsessions with the show from two groups that I find bemusing. Continue reading


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