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foreigners’ language proficiency in pakistan – not just a utility

Even if you are one of those journalists who base their stories basically on what the taxi driver from the airport to the hotel tells them, it would give you the chance to understand what he really has on his mind, and not just what remains when you pit together the few English phrases he happily produces. Continue reading

The range of the Pakistani Left – recent commentary

When one talks about the Left in Pakistan (also when it talks about itself) one is pretty quick wuite far on the left, with comrades and worker’s struggle. Continue reading

Lahore Observed (II)

Lahore is great for hitch-hiking. Continue reading

schmidle and fair on the laden raid – that imagination

Hoping to look into the role of exciting, exotical and eastern mountaineering as part of careers in the east that have become part of our understanding of the area that is belted by Hindukush. Karakoram and Himalaya, I am currently with Francis Younghusband in Tibet. While he was determined to understand the locals here, he always manages to portray the locals as backward through narratives that are a mixture of empire-supremacy, political opportunism, ethnology and heart-felt-love for or heart-felt-despise of the people. I smirk now and again at his descriptions – after all, that was a whole century ago. Todays’ writing that becomes polciy relevant like Younghausband’s did in it’s day is, chastened by the ever present threat of being accused of Orientalism or breach of political correctness, a lot less obvious in such revealings of imagination. But when it does come up, it leaves me with a cringing smirk. Continue reading

Debate Culture Pakistan – the danka-nama

The idea is though to make this newsletter, as the danka-nama, into a platform to debate anything that includes the concepts of culture and Pakistan (these terms of course also being the basic premises of the whole site). Yes, that is a wide and vague scope, but one that comprises a lot of interesting and controversial potential. Continue reading

[Video] The Colbert Report/Norwegian Muslish Gunman’s Islam-esque Atrocity

http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:comedycentral.com:393042 The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive

“How and why […] can only be a matter of speculation.” – Teil II der Sino-Pak Serie

Um die pakistanisch-chinesischen Beziehungen wirklich realistisch einzuschätzen, braucht es in erster Linie einmal realistische Berichterstattung zu beiden Entitäteten unabhängig von ihrer Verbindung. Erst dann wird es auch für amerikanisches und europäisches Publikum möglich Intentionen abzuschätzen. Nur ist man da auf beiden Seiten noch sehr weit entfernt. Continue reading

porous border: an observation from the durand-hinterland

The Afghanis sometimes bring their family members from back home for treatment. So far so good, these are no big numbers. What’s surprising though, is that we expect the number of Afghani Refugee patients to plummet. Many of them return to their high pastures in Afghanistan during summer. For one, that ridicules our understanding of a refugee (who I would expect to only be in the host country, because it’s really impossible for him, for whatever reason, to live where his home is). Continue reading

Hitchens on Pakistan – on the frontier of poor polemics

It’s important to note, since Hitchens, in his to date last article on the issue, uses Rushdies’ Shame and the narrative concept of his Midnight’s Children, to transfer the appaling misconceptions he has so far introduced for the rather impersonal country (with it’s elite as a concept, not so much a Pakistani person) to the Pakistani as a person, or in a wider sense as a society. Continue reading

bam-e-dunya’s ailing eaves

While the Western media likes to speculate (based on sexy ethnic-great-game-evil-china-theories) what’s really going on in the misty zone between the yellow, the brown and the white, some people actually look at situations with their senses and not just their twitter acounts active. Continue reading


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