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Aluis Isprangar al-Tiroli – Aloys Sprenger: Beginn einer Suche

Promovierter Mediziner, diente Aloys Sprenger offiziell als Arzt für die East India Company von 1843 bis 1856 am Subkontinent. Dabei war er unter anderem Rektor des Dehli College in Dehli (heute Zakir Hussain College), Rektor der Ahlia Madrassa in Calcutta (heute Aliah University). In Dehli gründete er die Vernacular Tranlation Society, welche möglicherweise die erste Wochenzeitung am Subkontinent in einer Landessprache publizierte. Ausserdem war er Prüfer für Islamisches Recht in Lucknow – 150 Jahre bevor das Wort Sharia in Europa als diffuse, schlecht verstandene Bedrohung herumgeistert. Continue reading

Jemima Khan on Obama, Afghanistan, the WOT, Pakistan

Jemima Khan: The things you say sound great, Mr President. So why do you end up disappointing us?

Bastardization of Pakistan

Bastardization of Pakistan as it happens on Urbandictionary.com (and not Foreignpolicy.com magazine). Bastardization 2. The reduction of one’s status due to that person’s retarded act. Pakistan Single largest exporter of terrorists. Bastardization of Pakistani state and its people actually happened at the hands of these and these and these. The very people gifted with glorious … Continue reading

[Video] Pakistani Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown. -Fatima Bhutto

Padded bras unIslamic – Fox news special!

How smart you have to be to treat a satirical piece as a geniune story. If you are Fox Nation, intelligence is not required at all. The case in point is this satirical piece at Roznama Jawani that Fox Nation published. Pakistan is a bad bad country! No more pads for you!

Mortenson II – opportunities

Endorsement is fine, projects need such support. But it would help the aid discussion, if some projects would be less viewed through the glasses of aid-from-outside-with-a-backlash-intention but with Ali’s warning in mind (do question moral certainty and superiority!) and from a local standpoint. Continue reading

Mortenson – remote narratives

For me this is most aptly portrayed by the extensive use of remote in the context of referring to anything virtually in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is just outside Kabul or Islamabad. Continue reading

Tribute to Baber (Concert at St. Anthony School in 2007)

Round the corner of PU University even heavier load waited. A Maulvi, with a red beard that probably weighed 2 kilos and a Turban that had double the weight stuck his thumb out for a ride to Doctor’s Hospital. And because I never took a real Maulvi on my bike before – yes, sure get on. The bike had troubles moving from the spot, this 150 kilo guy pulling it down in the back. But his warm ‘May Allah give you a long life’ made up for the 5 minutes I lost because of his weight. It was 3 am when I passed the U Turn on the Canal where the Morning Motor Cycle races were just about to start and a Tractor full of Straw blocked two lanes. That’s Lahore. And for days like these I love this city and this country. Continue reading

As long as the birds sing – APMC Concert at Jinnah Bagh 2007

‘Classical Music has always had a small audience, but as long as the birds sing, so will we. Nobody, nothing can stop music.’ Hayat Ahmed Khan (Founder of APMC) Continue reading

Lahore Observed

I was sitting in front of Shah Jamal yesterday, sipping my Chai at 1 in the morning, watching the rush. A guy, 50 in age perhaps, with long dreadlocks reaching his behind, was crouching on a horse cart, looking slightly taken away by the Joints he was smoking. He was wearing a piece of cloth, not more. His follower, a young fair man who just wore a toga and heavy chains around his neck, was bustling between the horse and the Sufi, talking to each of them. His bare feet munched in the wet dirt road. Continue reading


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