Pakistan/Literature/Scholarly Works

Kugelman, M., Hathaway, R.M.; Running on Empty: Pakistan’s Water Crisis ; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; 2009; Review; Download Report

Briscoe, J., Qamar, U.; Running Dry ; World Bank Report; 2008; Review; Download Report

Humanitarian Aid
Wilder, Andrew; Perceptions of the Pakistan Earthquake response; Feinstein International Centre; 2008; Review ; Download Report

Andrabi T., Jishnu, D.; In Aid We Trust; -; 2010; Review ; Download Report


Schetter, C.; Translocal Lives; -; 2012; Review ; Download Report

Hasan, A., Raza, M.; Migration and small towns in Pakistan; -; 2009; Review ; Download Report

Mahreen, M., Mussadiq, T., Said, F.; Determinants of Internal Migration in Pakistan; PIDE Publication; n.d.; Download Paper

Conflict and War
Abbas, Hassan; Police & Law Enforcement Reform in Pakistan: Crucial for Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Success; Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Harvard Belfer Centre; 2009; Review; Download Report

Asal, V., Fair, C.C., Shellman, S.; Consenting to a Child’s Decision to Join a Jihad: Insights from a Survey of Militant Families in Pakistan; Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 31:973–994; 2008; ; Download Paper

Fair, C.C.; The educated militants of Pakistan: implications for Pakistan’s domestic security; Contemporary South Asia, 16:1, 93-106; 2008; ; Download Paper

Fair, C.C., Malhotra, N., Shapiro, J.N.; The Roots of Militancy: Explaining Support for Political Violence in Pakistan; -; 2009; Review; Download Report

Fair, C.C., Shapiro, J.N.; Why Pakistanis Support Islamist Militancy; Policy Brief, Harvard University; 2010; Review; Download Report

Rassler, D., Fair, C.C., Ghosh, A., Jamal, A., Shoeb, N.; The Fighters of Lashkar‐e‐Taiba: Recruitment,
Training, Deployment and Death; CTC at Westpoint; 2010;; Download Paper

Fair, C.C., Malhotra, N., Shapiro, J.N.; Democratic Values and Support for Militant Politics : Evidence from a National Survey in Pakistan; Journal of Conflict Resolution; 2013;; Download Paper

Siddiqa, A.; The New Frontiers: Militancy & Radicalism in Punjab; SISA Report no. 2 – 2013, Centre for International and Strategic Analysis; 2013; Download Paper


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