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Canada se aya mera dost, laya revolution formula

Gone are the days when a friend visiting from abroad would bring you a nice watch or sweater as a present. Seems like the times are changing as Tahir-ul-Qadiri episode unfolds. The spin-doctor (he loves to call himself a Dr.), a Canadian national for the last five years, has given government an ultimatum until 14th … Continue reading

Tsunami: PTI’s rise in Pakistani politics

This article is part of a series of evidence-based analysis of Pakistan’s current political spectrum with the use of statistics, GIS and data visualization. We will further explore the position of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s electoral tsunami in the upcoming general elections 2013 to forecast if it has a realistic chance to win the next elections.  Pakistan … Continue reading

sissies and thugs – an alternative approach to explaining Karachi’s violence

Verkaaik looks at urban militancy in Sindh with a focus on Hyderabad where he researched intensively. As his choice of location suggests he is not prone to walking along stereotipical representation of Pakistan – while Hyderabad is by no means some small village, he is the first foreign author on Pakistan I read who is not based in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi. On the other hand he does not present himself as theshalwar kameez wearing gora who has understood it all and is at par with the locals. His account is sober, but makes use of both – his intellectual background and understanding of cultural, political and historical complexities and his personal experience as a part-time resident of the city and member of the local society. Continue reading

Bastardization of Pakistan

Bastardization of Pakistan as it happens on Urbandictionary.com (and not Foreignpolicy.com magazine). Bastardization 2. The reduction of one’s status due to that person’s retarded act. Pakistan Single largest exporter of terrorists. Bastardization of Pakistani state and its people actually happened at the hands of these and these and these. The very people gifted with glorious … Continue reading


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