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untold, unheard, unwritten – the neglected part of Kashmir

If you look for coverage of Kashmir in Pakistani newspapers you’d have to assume that all of Kashmir lies in India. Hardly ever is there coverage of the Pakistani part. Only the rather new Express Tribune has an own section on AJK in its Online Edition. While they never really had a say in their … Continue reading

from Pir Panjal to FATA – what people (also) worry about in areas of conflict

We have been working close to places in Pakistan where a lot of attention was focused towards from the media recently, mostly without clearing the picture but often rather muddying it with everyone having a say in things noone really knows how to interprete. I would like to briefly point out some observations from there … Continue reading

Trailers and Tractors – Stories of Migration from Afghanistan to beyond.

In the Afghan’s carpet shops letters and photos of female Swedish NGO workers are passed around while a family member just returned from Waziristan talks about his experiences with a Mehsud lashkar which he left to take some days off in cooler Kashmir. Continue reading

dil aur deemagh – doubt and development

More often we should just be prepared to listen to people and try to understand their hearts and minds from what they have to say, and not discuss it among ourselves in countless seminars with people who have little insight themselves (and, yes, blogs as well) to shape our perception, craft it into stone and only then approach the subjects we talk about. I do wish that people in FATA do get a voice soon, and those in Kashmir manage to get something coherent like PamirTimes up at some point. But I also hope that we are prepared to listen to those views, and do not only acknowledge them once the NYT picks them up. Continue reading

Women Empowerment in Pakistani administered Kashmir

We have just finished a report on the impact of our Vocational Training Centre in Dhulli on Women Empowerment in Kashmir – whether that works on the societal and enterpreneureal level and how. It can be downloaded from our website here. Continue reading

Learning from recent experiences?

With the reconstruction in Kashmir having widely come to a halt (although far from complete in many areas) and the next reconstruction phase in the flood affected areas looming ahead, I want to direct attention to two very good studies that deal with the experiences in Kashmir – and are extremely valuable for the work coming up ahead in other parts of the country. Continue reading

Forgotten Promise – Pankaj Mishra on Kashmir

Pankaj Mishra writes about the neglect of the Kashmir issue on the wide political scale, especially in light of increased focus on the AfPak area from the West that always seems to mention the Kashmir issue as a basis to the problem but never addresses it directly (similarly to the Nuclear Arms threat that Seymour … Continue reading


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