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trade, migrants and satellite imagery – a visual approach to border posts

We have recently interviewed a number of ‘illegal’ migrants from Pakistan to Austria (excerpts are up here and will hopefully soon be out in an English/Urdu version as well). When talking about the trip from Pakistan to Europe, borders played a major role. Crossing from Pakistan into Iran is not an easy task, being shot … Continue reading

jaane kyun . aus Pakistan nach Österreich

Folgende Ausführungen basieren auf Interviews mit pakistanischen Asylwerbern in Österreich (Servitenkloster Wien) und 7 Jahren Arbeit in Pakistan. Es handelt sich dabei nur um eine kurze Zusammenfassung, weitere Details zur derzeit laufenden Forschung in diese Richtung können über die Kontakt Seite erfragt werden. Angesichts der abermals medialen Präsenz pakistanischer Asylwerber in Österreich, folgend ein paar … Continue reading

on migration in Pakistan

I have recently written on migration in Pakistan from different angles. The most recent is a book review for DAWN on Fragments of the Afghan Frontier by Hopkins and Marsden and Under the Drones which includes a number of contributions. I explain here, why the latter lacks in what one would expect from the catchy … Continue reading

Hijacked Drones – History, Law and Ungoverned Space

The debate on the use of drones in the Afghanistan – Pakistan borderlands has been hijacked, by its defenders just like by those who condemn the drone war. Statistics, legal arguments and some dramatic personal accounts can all be used to argue for or against. What these debates all fail to do is to describe what significance the drone war actually has for the population in the targeted areas – they are largely used to keep people who are far away from the Predator’s impact busy. People like me. I am just acting in perfect bhutto/zardari-like fashion – have a say in it all while keeping my assets save here in Switzerland. Continue reading

Trailers and Tractors – Stories of Migration from Afghanistan to beyond.

In the Afghan’s carpet shops letters and photos of female Swedish NGO workers are passed around while a family member just returned from Waziristan talks about his experiences with a Mehsud lashkar which he left to take some days off in cooler Kashmir. Continue reading


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